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Model 928A Power System Multimeter

  • Low Cost
  • 0.1% Accuracy
  • Power and Energy
  • Flicker per IEC 61000-4-15
  • Harmonics I, V to 50th, THD
  • Phase Angle I-I, V-V, I-V
  • Waveform Display
928A front panel
Large Image
~ 294.6 kB
Built by Power Professionals, For Power Professionals

The Model 928A Power System Multimeter with Floating-Point DSPTM Digital Signal Analysis is an AC Power measurement instrument, providing outstanding performance and flexibility in a small, hand-held package. Not only does the Model 928A measure basic data and power quantities, but it also measures power quality including harmonics, flicker, sags, surges and interruptions. Incorporating a graphic LCD display, serial communications, real time clock and an unprecedented combination of features makes the Model 928A the ideal instrument for the power professional.


The Model 928A uses two identical input measurement channels capable of measuring either voltage or current. The dual inputs allow for voltage to current, voltage to voltage or current to current measurements with a basic accuracy of 0.1%. The flexible current inputs are compatible with both voltage output and current output CTs. Convenient current transformer calibration tables help eliminate errors introduced by the CTs and lessen their effect on system measurements. A special 0 to 40 mA range allows for accurate low level (< 10 mA) measurements.


The Model 928A includes a bright, 128 x 64 graphic LCD display, a 30-key multifunction backlit keypad, and an isolated serial interface. The Model 928A may be powered either from four AA type cells (alkaline or NiMH) or an optional external, +7 Vdc plug-in power supply.


The Model 928A requires an external CT for current measurements, such as the AP0001300 (1000:1) or the AP0009800 (100:1). Optional accessories include a tilt/bail handle, soft case, test leads, external +7 Vdc power supply, and other CTs.

Model 928A Specifications


Input Configuration:
The Arbiter Systems®, Inc. Model 928A Power System MultimeterTM has two identical measurement channels, Channel A and Channel B. Each input channel has a voltage input and a current input. Current inputs are intended for use with external CTs having a nominal output of 0 to 1 Arms or 0 to 1 Vrms. For basic measurements (voltage, current, frequency, and phase angle) any combination of inputs may be used. For power and energy measurements (active power, apparent power, reactive power, and power factor), one voltage and one current must be selected.
Input Range  0 to 660 Vrms
Impedance  1.2 megohm, differential
Input Range  0.01 to 1 Arms (underrange to < 1 mA) (or 0 to 1.2 Vrms)
Burden 0.01 ohm maximum (current input style) or 100 kohms nominal (voltage input style)


Operator Interface:
Display  128 x 64 graphic LCD
Keyboard  30 key keypad
Serial  USB
Memory  512 KB flash
Data  User setups, Real Time Clock, Approximately 400 KB measurement data

Power Requirements

Batteries (not included):
Type  4-AA Cells, alkaline or NiMH
Operation  30 hours typical with alkaline cells. 60 hours typical with NiMH
External (not included):
Type  +7 Vdc, unregulated
Current  < 100 mA
Connector  5.5 x 2.0 mm, center positive


Voltage and Current:
Method  Wideband: True rms, 3 kHz Bandwidth
Narrowband: Fundamental magnitude
Accuracy  0.1% of reading (voltage)
0.1% of reading (current)
1% of reading (low current range)
Phase Angle, A-B:
Range  0 to 360° or ±180°
Accuracy  0.1°
Underrange < 1° typical
Range  50 or 60 Hz ±5 Hz
Accuracy  0.005% of reading
Input  Channel A and Channel B, simultaneous
Range  2nd to 50th Harmonic (50 or 60 Hz fundamental)
Accuracy  0.1% THD +5% reading
Display  THD; K-factor; Amplitude bar graph; and individual harmonic magnitude and phase (simultaneous)
Display  Channel A and/or Channel B
Power / Energy Quantities:
Range  0 to 99999 MVA or MVAh
±99999 MVAR or MVARh
±99999 MW or MWh
±1.0000 PF, lead or lag
Accuracy  0.1% of VA, for VA, VAR, and W
0.001 PF


Size  196 x 101 x 38 mm (7.75 x 4 x 1.5 in.)
Weight  1 kg (2.2 lbs.), maximum
Operating Temperature  -10° to +50° C
Nonoperating Temperature  -40° to +75° C
Humidity  Noncondensing



Order Number:  Description
AP0009700:  Voltage Probe Lead Set
PD0030900:  928A Operation Manual


Order Number:  Description
AP0001300:  1000:1 Clamp-on CT, 1000 A
AP0009700:  Voltage Probe Lead Set
AP0009800:  100:1 Clamp-on CT, 100 A
AP0011200:  External power supply, +7 Vdc
AS0071800:  Model 928A Starter Kit
AS0079000:  Universal Test Plug Current Shunt. Allows for the use of a clamp-on CT with a test block.
AS0082900:  Model 928A Bail Assembly
BT0000201:  Four (4) AA Alkaline cells
CA0026106:  USB Data Cable, 6 ft
CA0027100:  CT Cable, Current Output
CA0027200:  CT Cable, Voltage Output
HD0065200:  Soft Carrying Case
Mlink:  Interface software

AS0071800 Starter Kit Includes:

Order Number:  Description
AP0009700:  Voltage Probe Lead Set
AP0009800:  100:1 Clamp-on CT, 100 A
AP0011200:  External power supply, +7 Vdc
AS0082900:  Model 928A Bail Assembly
BT0000201:  Four (4) AA Alkaline cells
CA0026106:  USB Data Cable, 6 ft
CA0027100:  CT Cable, Current Output
HD0065200:  Soft Carrying Case

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