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New Low-Cost, High-Precision

Power Quality, Energy &

Environment Monitoring



Power Quality Class A

Energy Revenue Grade class 0.2s Accuracy

Additional AC, DC, and Environment Sensor Channels

World’s Smallest & Most Advanced PMU Micro SynchroPhasor

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Power Sensors Ltd., 2020 Challenger Drive, Suite 100, Alameda CA 94501, USA

PQube 3 Brochure 1.3 Tel ++1-510-522-4400 Fax ++1-510-522-4455

PQube 3 Rear Terminals

(PQube 3-PQ- E08N)



General Energy (Revenue Class 0.2s Accuracy))

Environmental Monitoring

Communication (Embedded Ethernet)

Power Quality Monitoring Class A Ed 3

• Three-phase, single-phase and split-phase monitoring

69~480V L-N, 100~960V L-L, 50/60/400Hz. No PTs required.

• 8 current channels.

• Self-configuration*

—auto-detects single-phase and multi

phase voltage, nominal voltage, nominal frequency.

• Four analog inputs, one digital input, one relay output.

• Optional (up to two) advanced environmental probes.

• Powers from 24 VAC, 24~48VDC, PoE (Power over Ethernet)

or 100~240 VAC with PM1 plug-in module.

• Optional UPS plug-in module with 30 minutes of backup


• Data storage on internal 8GB solid state memory

• Removable 8GB micro-SD card and USB (optional), with

lockable cover for restricted access.

• Color touch screen display, can be operated with safety

gloves on!

• DIN-rail or optional panel mount.

• Certified Class A IEC 61000-4-30 Ed 3.

• High-speed 512-samples-per-cycle recording.

• Power quality disturbance recording with waveform and

RMS graph output.

• Voltage sags, swells and interruptions; over-frequency and

under-frequency events, time-triggered snapshots.

• Voltage THD, current TDD and current THD; voltage and

current unbalance; VARs; VAR-hr accumulator; flicker

(Pinst, PST, PLT).

• Voltage and current harmonics and interharmonics—up to

the 63rd, with statistics*


• Daily, weekly, monthly trends. Cumulative probability*,


, and more.

• Rapid Voltage Changes (RVC).

Above and Beyond Class A

• Waveshape change triggers and recording.

• 1 Mhz high frequency impulse detection and recording*

(up to 4Mhz on a single channel*


• 2kHz-150kHz frequency band measurements.

• Available with PSL custom high-precision current transformers

to meet the requirements of IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2s and ANSI

C12.20 Class 0.2.

• Watts, VA, VARs, True Power Factor, watt-hours, VA-hours,


• Bi-directional power - received and delivered*

• Peak averages—single-cycle, 1-minute , 15-minute, and at

user-selected intervals.

• CT ratios support from 1:1 up to 1:50000; PT ratios support up

to 1:10000 (6,900,000) volts.

• Daily, weekly, monthly trends; load duration curves.

• Energy accumulators—daily, weekly, monthly.

• Optional (up to two) Advanced temperature-humidity- atmospheric pressure-acceleration probes PLUS:

• two ports for solar irradiance (W/m2) probe, K-Type

thermocouple, etc...

• Analog inputs— suitable for flow, RPM, fluid, pressure, etc...


• Instant email notification after a power quality disturbance or

end of trend interval. Free email account.

• Direct remote access to built-in web server.

• Access to the data files through FTP.

• Embedded Ethernet port.

• 2 USB 1.0 ports, 1 USB 2.0 port for data transfer to thumb


• Real time meters with Modbus-TCP and SNMP (v2 and v3).

• NTP and SNTP for clock synchronization.

• Secure encrypted communication with HTTPS.

• IEC 61850*

* coming soon with a firmware upgrade

PQube 3 Front Terminals

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Power Sensors Ltd., 2020 Challenger Drive, Suite 100, Alameda CA 94501, USA

Tel ++1-510-522-4400 Fax ++1-510-522-4455 PQube 3 Brochure 1.3

PM1 Power Management module (Part Number PM1)

• Powers the PQube 3 in the voltage range from 100V~240VAC

50/60 Hz or 120~300VDC

• Optional 24VDC output for accessories (up to 10W).

Note: PQube 3 powers from 24VAC, 24VDC~48VDC, or

PoE (Power over Ethernet) without additional modules

UPS1 Power Storage module (Part Number UPS1)

• Configurable battery backup up to 30 mins— allows backup

optimization for multiple outage situations

• Includes backup of optional PM1 outputs

• UPS operation and Charging LED indicators

ENV1 EnviroSensorTM (Part number ENV1)

• Monitors ambient temperature, humidity,

and barometric pressure

• Temperature/Humidity event triggers

• Use sensors for local/remote ambient temperature/humid- ity and detection of clogged filters, failed fans.. using up to

10-meter extension cables.

• Temperature accuracy: Typical: ± 0.5oC

• Humidity accuracy: Typical: ± 5%RH (20~80% R.H.)

ENV2 Advanced EnviroSensorTM (Part number ENV2)

ENV1 EnviroSensor TM benefits PLUS:

• 3 axis X-Y-Z accelerometer (reports in m/s2)

• port for K-type thermocouple input

• port for solar irradiance sensor input (reports light illumina- tion in W/m2)

Power Supply Modules

Environment and Advanced Environment Sensors

GPS Time Synchronization / Micro Synchrophasor (μPMU)

PQube 3 connects Environment Sensors

through 2 of its USB connectors

GPS Time Synchronization

• 1 microsecond time accuracy

Micro Synchrophasor

• Only the PQube 3 can measure millidegree phase shifts

needed for distribution applications

• Developed by the U.S. ARPA-E program for diagnosing Smart

Grid and Distributed Generation stability

• Contact PSL for availability and more information

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