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PM172 Powermeter


The PM172 Powermeters with Class 0.2S accuracy ensure accurate data on more than 80 parameters of power, regardless of any waveform distortion present on the voltage or current inputs. Measurements include per phase, total, and harmonics (THD, TDD). Memory and time-clock allow data logging and time stamping of events. Advanced TOU meets any billing requerements. Fast Waveform Recordings provided for waveform capture and logging on different events. Additional features include a switching power supply, 2 digital inputs, 2 relay outputs for control, alarm and energy pulsing, analog inputs/outputs.
Available in models PM172E-N (Energy) and PM172EH-N (Power Quality Analyser).
Two communication ports allow local and remote meter readings and setup. Different communication options are available including RS232/RS422/RS485, LAN, Ethernet (TCP/IP), PROFIBUS.

Fits Square & Round Cutouts

Voltage Inputs Current Inputs
690V AC Nominal Voltage Input 1 Ampere
120V AC Nominal Voltage Input 5 Ampere
Power Supply Analog Output
85 - 265V AC No Analog Output
88 - 290V DC Two Programmable Analog Outputs (0+/-1, 0-20, 4-20mA)
DC Options:
9.6 - 19V DC
19 - 37V DC
37 - 72V DC

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